Memorial Day Thanks

The S.A.L. would like to send their thanks for all your contributions and the time you spent with our Post Veterans this past weekend.

The Post really looked good, thanks to our landscaping/clean up crew of: Bill Burns, Phillip Welsh, Walt Finken, led by Ned Galbally. A lunch of cheese steaks, chips, & cokes were enjoyed by all.

Thanks to the set-up crew of: Bill Burns, Walt Finken, & Phillip Welsh who set up tables & chairs both inside and outside at the Post!

Thanks also to Richard Tucker for the Saturday morning breakfast gathering with the veterans & 2 cemeteries flag placing.

Thanks to a really sharp Flag Detail consisting of: John Tracy, Richard Tucker, Ed Taylor, & Steve Miller. Although the parade was cancelled in Avalon due to the weather, the flag detail stood for the entire ceremony in the Avalon Community Center, and then marched in the Stone Harbor Ceremony from St Paul’s to the Women’s Civic Club, and then stood again at the American Legion Post 331 Ceremony!

The open house went off with out a hitch thanks to: Craig Costigan & Ned Galbally (beertenders), Bill Burns, & Carter Winterbottom. The community turn out was fantastic as the word got out about the: Springer’s Ice Cream, the gourmet hot-dogs & sauerkraut, chicken noodle soup, ice cold draft beer, and the Philly soft pretzels!

The clean-up crew did a super job getting us all home before 4:00 pm after a long day consisting of: Ned Galbally, Walt Finken, Carter Winterbottom, Bill Burns, & John Tracy.

The whole weekend was truly a success and we should all be proud of the support we provided to our veterans and American Legion Post 331. Thank you very much for supporting us.

A special “shout out” to: Maureen Kizeik who volunteered her time handing out over 300 AL/SAL handbooks at Avalon & Stone Harbor; and Sal Emma & Joe Filachek who volunteered to assist.

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