Become a Patron

7 Mile Island remains in shut-down, stay-at-home and self distancing mode. The one activity for which we seek you immediate support is becoming a Patron for the 2020 American Legion Handbook to be published in May. The funds raised by this endeavor provide the single largest cash infusion to our treasury. Given the uncertainty of revenue producing events we participate in during the upcoming season, it’s vital to get all the support we can from this effort.

Fill out this form for becoming a Patron, please join by making a contribution. John Tracy, our First Vice Commander, is our lead for Patrons. His contact information is on the form, feel free to get in touch with John. All Patron forms must be received prior to May 1, 2020, we will accept Patron forms and defer the actual cash payment until a later date.

Our best wishes go out to you and your family during the fight to beat this virus. Be safe and keep others safe by observing all restrictions. We all want 7 Mile Island to return to the best community on the South Jersey coast – ASAP!

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